Retail Managers Manual

The Retail Manager's ManualAvailable To: Associate Members, Supporting Members, Affiliate Members, and Participating Partners
Written by: Ryan Melton and Marty Mohar
Non-Member Price: $500

What's Included:

Running your own tennis retail operation can be a very rewarding experience. Whether you have an existing tennis retail business or are a new start-up, this manual provides you with the necessary information to operate a tennis retail store or a pro shop, as well as providing a good review on how to maximize profits. Our goal is to help you make decisions to effectively control the variables you will be confronting and avoid the pitfalls that plague many small businesses.

This manual can also be used to help make the best choices and thus insure and improve the profitability of an already existing pro shop. With sound planning and proper tools you can lay the foundation for retail success and profits, as well as an earned sense of accomplishment. Meanwhile, you will be operating your business in an atmosphere that offers a more personalized and engaging environment than sporting goods chains, and e commerce stores, your main sources of competition.

As a tennis retail shop owner/operator there are some unique dependencies you will face, including a reliance on the services of manufacturers who supply your merchandise, and a reliance on a sales staff to both merchandise and sell your products. These factors, outside your direct control, can affect your business, but with a proper understanding of these you can reach paramount success. However, success requires careful planning and a commitment to your goals and objectives.

When you enter the tennis pro shop business, you are entering the world of retail. This is a very competitive market that requires a significant amount of time, effort, and knowledge in order to be successful. The purpose of this manual is to provide a condensed, structured overview including the necessary research required, and the processes necessary to operate a successful tennis retail operation or pro shop. — Marty Mohar and Ryan Melton

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